119 Zondra

Learn more about Zondra at Muppet Wiki.


5 thoughts on “119 Zondra

  1. I’m definitely up for it! unfortunately the “Seinfeld Babies” are under the “sketch” category on Muppet wiki, and not the “character” category, so they cannot be drawn (either literally or metaphorically speaking). I also checked for the Sam and Friends gang; they are filed under the “Muppet Characters” category, but not the “The Muppets Characters” category (which would explain their absence from your blog).

  2. Interesting. What category is the “random Muppet” search option linked to, Muppet or Muppets?

  3. The “Random Muppet” button links to The Muppets, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, and all other properties, but the “Random Muppets Character” button links only to characters in the “The Muppets” category.

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