365 Random Muppets

With the help of Muppet Wiki’s random Muppet generator, I will draw a randomly selected Muppet a day, from now until December 31, 2014. That’s 365 Muppets.

I may get the opportunity to draw some principal characters like Kermit the Frog or Fozzie Bear, but most likely my time will be spent sketching the lesser-known Muppets like Clive Cahuenga or Burlington Bertie.

Here are my rules.

1)   No take-backs. Once a Muppet is selected, that is the one I must draw.

2)   I will only be drawing Muppets—no Sesame Street or Fraggle Rock characters.

3)   No repeats.

4)   I have the right to pass on characters from comics and ancillary products to focus on canon characters.

5)   Puppets only—no real humans.

6)   The drawings can be as simple or as complicated as I’d like.

3 thoughts on “365 Random Muppets

  1. Hi Patrick — This is a really awesome idea. I’m Danny, one of the founders of Muppet Wiki, and it’s exciting to see you taking inspiration from the wiki. 🙂 The Question is my favorite so far; he looks very dignified and soulful in your rendition. Let me know if there’s anything we can do from the wiki to help you out.

    • Hi Danny, glad you like the blog so far. I would say just keep posting random Muppets and I’ll keep drawing them!

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